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Agile Project and Product Management 6+ Hours Course & PDF Guides


Price:  6.00 USD | Size: 5.44 GB  |  Duration :  12+ Hours  | 110+ Video Lessons |Bonus : Microsoft Power BI PDF Guides 


ENGLISH |   INSTANT DOWNLOAD  | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9


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Price:  6.00 USD | Size: 5.44 GB  |  Duration :  12+ Hours  | 110+ Video Lessons |Bonus : Microsoft Power BI PDF Guides 

BRAND : Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH |   INSTANT DOWNLOAD  | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9

Agile Project and Product Management 6+ Hours Course & PDF Guides


In the Agile Project and Product Management course, you will acquire critical skills enabling you and your organization to build customer-centric products ensuring fast and high-quality delivery. This course is your one-stop solution to get that promotion, no matter the job title—from a software developer, marketing specialist, or startup founder to a product manager, Scrum Master, and eventually to a company leader. And most importantly, you will acquire the skills to build innovative products that delight your customers.


In this video course, you will learn why Agile product and projects management form the foundation of a successful business. You will master the skills of incremental delivery of products that delight customers, including the fundamentals of creating high-performance teams and the ability to validate product hypotheses. In addition, you will acquire skills that made Silicon Valley companies so successful and allowed for rapid business growth.

Throughout the video, fundamental Agile concepts are coupled with real-life examples and case studies. In addition, there are hands-on exercises that will allow you to check your knowledge and develop pragmatic skills.

Learn How To

Establish the business value of delivering products and services incrementally in your organization

Identify methods of collaborating with the customer to deliver products that meet their needs, which you can immediately apply in your everyday job

Define the “how” and “why” behind successful products via case studies from best-in-class technology and product companies, and reproduce real-life examples that apply to your area of knowledge

Boost your career via analyzing the Agile framework as it applies to small businesses or giant corporations in your industry

Gain high-in-demand Agile skills that will immediately boost your resume and increase your employability

Acquire pragmatic knowledge directly applicable to your job, including driving organizational change, implementing design thinking in your professional area, and establishing or strengthening Agile delivery in your company

Prepare for leading industry certifications in Agile product and project management that will give you a competitive advantage in the modern job market and provide you with opportunities to take your career to the next level

Who Should Take This Course

software developers, engineers, managers, project managers, product managers, consultants, or anyone involved in application development, recent college graduates and MBA students who are interested in pursuing careers in product or project management or IT-specific roles, other product and project management professionals at the beginning or mid-career, including those who are interested in pivoting their careers, and IT professionals interested in boosting their resume, advancing their career, and looking to expand their career opportunities.

Course Requirements

Some familiarity with modern software engineering is expected but not required


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