Metasploit Like a Pro Course & PDF Guides

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Price: 5.00 USD | Size: 6.06 GB | Duration : 13 Hours | 37 Video Lessons




Price: 5.00 USD | Size: 6.06 GB | Duration : 13 Hours | 37 Video Lessons



Metasploit Like a Pro Course & PDF Guides

Course Overview


Metasploit is the most common command and control (C2) framework used by penetration testers and red team operators around the globe. It is a framework that is a “must-know” and will give you the confidence to successfully operate on a target network.


This course is very hands-on. Presentations will be minimal because we believe the best way for you to learn is to have your hands on the keyboard. If you have the interest, passion, or desire to learn, We will guide you through this course step by step. You should be able to follow along with video instruction and please take notes! We will not only teach you how to use Metasploit, but we will teach it as if you were using it for a real penetration test!



What You Will Learn


Understand the basic purpose and use of Metasploit & its history


Acquire the knowledge of key elements of a penetration test by using Metasploit


Become efficient in planning and reconnaissance


Master techniques used for scanning and enumerating targets


Become competent in utilizing Metasploit payloads and modules for exploitation and payload delivery


Understand how to utilize Metasploit to maintain access and persistence


Learn awesome post-exploitation modules and more advanced concepts



Scott Drew “R4v3N” is a senior penetration tester and senior red team operator currently working in the financial industry. Scott has many years of experience working in the commercial, federal, and department of defense world conducting offensive security research and development projects, penetration tests, and red team operations. He has also taught on various topics and has a very beginner friendly and comfortable approach to teaching.


Course Syllabus


Chapter 1: Getting Started with Metasploit

Chapter 2: Getting Up and Running with Metasploit Basics

Chapter 3: Working with Exploits, Payloads, and Shells

Chapter 4: Process Migration with Meterpreter and Meterpreter Functions

Chapter 5: Firewalls, Antivirus, and External Callbacks

Chapter 6: Privilege Escalation and Persistence

Chapter 7: Lateral Movement, Pivoting, and Common Practices

Chapter 8: Final Thoughts and Wrapping Up


Content of this course


00001 Course Overview

00002 Introduction to Metasploit and Pentesting

00003 Downloading the Requirement Software and Images

00004 Installing ISO Images or Virtual Image Files

00005 Understanding Network Configuration Settings

00006 Exploring Metasploit Console Basics

00007 Understanding Active and Passive Recon

00008 Using NMAP

00009 Getting Familiar with Modules

00010 Discovering Hosts

00011 Scanning and Fingerprinting Services

00012 Performing Exploit Research

00013 Managing Payloads

00014 Understanding Shells

00015 Meterpreter Basics


00016 Exploring Meterpreter Modules

00017 Firewall Concepts

00018 Antivirus Concepts

00019 Generating Payloads with MSFvenom

00020 Encoding Payloads

00021 Using Metasploit Across the Internet

00022 Redirect Concepts

00023 Persistence Techniques with Meterptreter

00024 Persistence Techniques with Netcat

00025 Persistence Techniques with RDP

00026 Privilege Escalation Techniques

00027 Pass-The-Hash

00028 Investigating the Box

00029 Pivoting Concepts

00030 Other Resources

00031 Final Thoughts

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