Core Python (2022) Training




Price: 6.00 USD | Size: 4.18 GB | Duration : 31.49+ Hours | BRAND: Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | INSTANT DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS COURSE? You can Instant Download a PDF file After successful payment, This PDF File Contains Course Download links. You can Download This Course immediately from that Links. Core Python (2022) Training Modules 01_Core Python_Big Picture 02_Core Python_Getting Started 03_Core Python_Organizing Larger Programs 04_Core Python_Functions and Functional Programming 05_Core Python_Classes and Object-orientation 06_Core Python_Implementing Iterators, Iterables, and Collections 07_Core Python_Robust Resource and Error Handling 08_Core Python_Introspection 09_Core Python_Numeric Types, Dates, and Times 10_Core Python_Advanced Flow Control 11_Core Python_Byte Oriented Programming 12_Core Python_Custom Attributes and Descriptors 13_Core Python_Metaclasses and Allocation 14_Core Python_The Numeric Tower, Conversion, and Operators 15_Core Python_Hashing and More Collections 16_Advanced Generators and Coroutines in Python 17_Unit Testing with Python 18_Managing Python Packages and Virtual Environments 19_Python Best Practices for Code Quality Pdfs


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