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VMware NSX-T Pack of 4 Video Training Courses & PDF Guides


Price: 6.00 USD |  Size : 4.1 GB | Duration :  No of courses : 4  | ENGLISH | 


Bonus :  VMware NSX PDF Guides | INSTANT DOWNLOAD   |⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9 


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Price: 6.00 USD |  Size : 6.3 GB | Duration :  No of courses : 4  | ENGLISH | 

Bonus :  VMware NSX PDF Guides | INSTANT DOWNLOAD   |⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9 


VMware NSX-T Pack of 4 Video Training Courses & PDF Guides

VMware NSX Introduction And Installation

01 – Welcome to NSX

02 – Software-Defined Networking in NSX

03 – Embracing NSX Use Cases

04 – Learning the Terminology

05 – Network and Security Functions

06 – Using VMware Hands-On Labs (HOL) Online

07 – vSphere Networking Overview

08 – Reviewing the vSphere Distributed Switch

09 – Preparing Your Environment for NSX

10 – Configuring Distributed Switch Policies for NSX Support

11 – Configuring Distributed Switch Policies for Load Distribution

12 – Comparing the Physical Network Topologies that Support NSX

13 – Identifying the Right NSX Deployment Model

14 – VXLAN Technology Basics

15 – NSX Manager

16 – Installing the NSX Manager into your vSphere Cluster

17 – Navigating NSX in the vSphere Web Client

18 – NSX Control Cluster Basics

19 – NSX VXLAN Tunnel EndPoints (VTEPs) and Shared Tables

20 – Transport Zones

21 – Transport Zone Replication

22 – Installing the NSX Controller Cluster and Configuring the ESXi Host


NSX Operation and Administration


1.Getting Ready for NSX Operation and Administration

2.Understanding Who Can Access Your NSX Deployment

3.Delegating Access to NSX

4.Understanding REST APIs and NSX Automation

5.Using PowerShell REST Scripts to Manage NSX

6.NSX Integration with Third-Party Products

7.Configuring Third-Party Integration into NSX

8.Understanding How vRealize Integrates with NSX

9.Understanding Network Profiles in vRealize Automation

10.Configuring Network Profiles in vRealize

11.Building and Deploying using vRealize Blueprints

12.NSX Logging, Auditing, and Monitoring

13.Viewing Your NSX Logs using the CLI

14.Configuring NSX Syslog Settings

15.Viewing Syslog Data through vRealize Log Insight

16.Viewing NSX Auditing Information

17.Understanding NSX Data Security

18Understanding Monitoring of Your NSX Implementation

19.Monitoring Your NSX Infrastructure

20.Configuring NSX Network Health Checks and Distributed Switch Alarms

21.Using vRealize Insight to View NSX Infrastructure

22.Using NSX Endpoint Monitoring

23.Configuring NSX Packet Capture and Analysis

24.Performing Packet Captures from the NSX CLI

25.Troubleshooting Your NSX Installation and Configuration

26.Troubleshooting Your vSphere Network Connectivity Issues

27.Using vRealize Insight to Validate NSX Paths

28.Options for Capturing Data for Troubleshooting NSX

29.Troubleshooting Your NSX Controller Issues

30.Troubleshooting NSX using the netcpa Log File

31.Troubleshooting Your NSX Network Component Issues

32.Performing VTEP Connectivity Tests

33.Understanding Backup Options in NSX

34.Configuring Backups of NSX Configurations

35.Upgrading Your Existing NSX Implementation


Software-Defined Switching And Routing With VMware NSX


01 – Start Building NSX Switches and Routers

02 – Verifying the vSphere Environment Before Adding VXLAN Networking

03 – Understanding the Value of NSX Distributed Switches

04 – Creating an NSX Logical Switch

05 – Enabling CDO Mode in NSX

06 – Advanced NSX Controller Cluster Management

07 – Viewing VTEP, MAC, and ARP Tables

08 – Understanding the Value of NSX Distributed Routers

09 – Creating and Connecting an NSX Distributed Logical Router

10 – Creating and Connecting an NSX Edge Services Gateway

11 – Using the CLI on an Edge Device

12 – Using the CLI to View DLR Properties

13 – Using the CLI of the NSX Manager to View Everything

14 – Using NET-VDR to View DLR Information

15 – Understanding the Value of Using Dynamic Routing

16 – Enabling OSPF on NSX DLR and Edge Routers

17 – Enabling BGP on NSX DLR and Edge Routers


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