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The Complete Developer’s Guide (MySQL, PostgreSQL)



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Price: 8.00 USD | Size: 8.13 GB | Duration : 19.34+ Hours | BRAND: Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | INSTANT DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS COURSE? You can Instant Download a PDF file After successful payment, This PDF File Contains Course Download links. You can Download This Course immediately from that Links. The Complete Developer’s Guide (MySQL, PostgreSQL) Modules 01_Getting Started 02_SQL Basics_ Syntax & Core Features 03_Course Setup_ Installing MySQL & Postgresql 04_Data Definition_ Managing Tables & Working With Data Types 05_Data Manipulation & Querying_ CRUD Operations With SQL 06_Data Normalization & Relationships_ Splitting & JOINing Data 07_More On Primary & Foreign Keys 08_Grouping & Aggregate Functions 09_Built-in Query Functions & Operators 10_Database Transactions 11_Using Indexes 12_Summary & Practice_ A Complete Example 13_Course Roundup Pdfs


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