Real world DevOps Project from start to finish

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Price: 6.00 USD | Size: 4.27 GB |   Duration : 5.56 Hours  | 63 Video Lessons 



Price: 6.00 USD | Size: 4.27 GB |   Duration : 5.56 Hours  | 63 Video Lessons 


Real world DevOps project from start to finish [12/2023]

DevOps for startups, individuals, and self-hosting | Docker, LXC, GitLab, CI/CD, Ansible, WireGuard, Traefik, Pi-hole

What you’ll learn

  • Ansible
  • Server networking and security setup
  • Let’s Encrypt (certbot)
  • WireGuard (VPN)
  • Docker
  • docker-compose
  • Traefik
  • GitLab
  • GitLab CI/CD pipeline through implementing a simple project
  • Borg with borgmatic
  • LXC
  • Mail server


  • Basic knowledge of Linux
  • Domain name with access to DNS settings (buying one demonstrated in the course)
  • Server – VPS or physical, reachable via public IP (buying one demonstrated in the course). No AWS! It can’t handle bridge interface which we’ll use for LXC (mail server and Zulip).
  • Computer running macOS, Linux, or Windows (macOS used in the course)


This course will cover a DevOps project from its inception all the way to a finished product.

It is aimed at startups, small companies, and individuals who want to self-host their infrastructure.

We will combine multiple tools and services to produce a workingeasily reproducible server which can support a small company.

We will cover:

  • Ansible – to configure the server and deploy services.
  • Let’s Encrypt (certbot) – to obtain wildcard TLS certificate with auto renewal.
  • VPN (WireGuard) – for secure access to our services.
  • Docker with docker-compose – to easily deploy our applications and services.
  • MariaDB – MySQL fork.
  • LXC (Linux containers) – another virtualization technology.
  • iRedMail – mail server which we’ll use to send and receive notifications.
  • Zulip – an open source chat and collaborative software which can be self-hosted (alternative to Slack or Microsoft Teams).
  • Traefik (reverse proxy and TLS termination proxy) with Docker and file providers – a single entry point for our services with automatic TLS certificates.
  • Pi-hole – ad blocking on DNS level.
  • Nextcloud – Email, calendar, documents, photos…It even has built-in code editor.
  • checkmk – monitoring solution.
  • Borg with borgmatic – backup solution.
  • GitLab – Git server, CI/CDGitLab Container Registry, etc.
  • backup-checker – with this project we will showcase everything we’ve created!

    We’ll create a Python program which will compare finished backups with the desired list of backups, use GitLab CI/CD to create Docker image, push it to our own, private Docker Registry, run it on our server via GitLab Runner, and send notification to our Zulip server.

  • Upgrade scripts for services running in Docker.
  • Upgrading iRedMail.
  • Upgrading Zulip.
  • Upgrading host OS.

When you finish the course, you’ll be equipped to add any additional services you need for your particular line of work.

Who this course is for:

  • Startups
  • Small companies
  • Linux System Administrators and developers looking to enter DevOps world
  • Individuals looking to self-host their own infrastructure

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