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Price: 5.00 USD | Size: 3.47 GB | Duration : 5.43 Hours | 69 Lessons | ??????????? 4.7? BRAND : Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | Bonus: PDF Guides |INSTANT DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS COURSE? After a successful payment, you can instantly download a PDF file that contains course download links. By clicking on those links, you can download the course immediately. Python Command Line Tools Online Course & Guides Table of contents Introduction Chapter 1: Getting Started with Click What is wrong with the alternatives A helpful Hello World Map a function to a command Chapter 2: Test with Click Test a small click app Chapter 3: Understand IPython Using IPython, Jupyter, Colab and Python executable Chapter 4: Integrating Linux Commands with Click Understand subprocess Parsing Results Shell Safety Chapter 5: Writing pure Bash or ZSH command-line tools Understanding environmental variables Understand shell profiles Write Shell functions Chapter 6: Use Advanced Click Features Subcommands Utilities Chapter 7: Turbocharging Click Using The Numba JIT (Just in time Compiler) Running True Multi-Core Multithreaded Python using Numba Chapter 8: Integrate Click with the Cloud Cloud Developer Workflow Using Cloud-based development environments Build a Computer Vision Tool with AWS Boto3 Chapter 9: Case Studies Distribute a containerized click application to DockerHub Converting a Command-line tool to a Web Service Documenting your Project with Sphinx Chapter 10: Command-line Rosetta Stone R Hello World Bash Hello World Go Hello World


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