Palo Alto Networks Training-NGFW


Price: 15.00 USD | Size: 17.70 GB | Duration : 34.30+  Hours




Price: 15.00 USD | Size: 17.70 GB | Duration : 34.30+  Hours



Palo Alto Networks Training‑NGFW

In this intermediate Palo Alto skills training, Keith Barker helps learners understand Next-Generation Firewalls (NGF).

All firewalls control traffic with an Access Control List, but next-gen firewalls have a few more bells and whistles. Next-generation firewalls control traffic based on the application and deep packet inspection, which is great. But the thing Palo Alto brings to the table is a firewall that can dynamically learn about threats across the entire internet. The moment a threat is discovered on the internet, that information is communicated to your firewall.

After completing this Palo Alto skills training you’ll know how to use the advanced features on a Palo Alto next-generation firewall. Learn about App-ID, URL filtering, antivirus, SSL decryption, and User-ID.

For anyone who manages security professionals, this Palo Alto training can be used to onboard new security professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Palo Alto reference resource.


01. Palo Alto Networking Fundamentals

02. Palo Alto Next-gen Firewall Features

03. The Cyberattack Lifecycle

04. Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and Risk

05. Cloud Computing and Security

06. Strategies for Securing Networks

07. Palo Alto SecOps and DevSecOps

08. Build a Palo Alto Firewall Lab in EVE-NG

09. Palo Alto FW Networking Fundamentals

10. Palo Alto Source NAT & DHCP

11. Palo Alto Security Policy Fundamentals

12. Palo Alto Virtual Wire and Tap Interfaces

13. Build a Palo Alto Firewall Lab in ESXi

14. Palo Alto App-ID

15. Palo Alto SSLTLS Decryption

16. Palo Alto Site-to-Site VPNs

17. Palo Alto User-ID

18. Palo Alto URL Filtering

19. Palo Alto Threat Prevention

20. Palo Alto WildFire Malware Analysis

21. Palo Alto Firewall Management

22. Palo Alto FW High Availability

23. Using Panorama for FW Mgmt

24. Palo Alto Zone, Buffer, and DoS Protection

25. Palo Alto FW Routing

26. Palo Alto GlobalProtect

27. Panorama HA, Logging, and Troubleshooting

28. Palo Alto Decryption Strategies

29. Digital Certificates and Palo Alto

30. Palo Alto NAT, PAT, & Security

31. Palo Alto Quality of Service (QoS)

32. Palo Alto Interface Types

33. Palo Alto Advanced App-ID

34. Palo Alto Authentication Portal

35. Palo Alto Dynamic Groups

36. Palo Alto Firewall Best Practices



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