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OSCP Security Technology Prep Course What about this course? This course provides a foundation in advanced penetration testing that will prepare students for the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK) course offered by Offensive Security. The course will also prepare students for the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) exam, which typically proceeds the PWK course. Students should be familiar with Linux command line, common networking terminology, and basic Bash/Python scripting prior to attempting this course. Overview Course Introduction MODULE 2 Introduction to Kali Linux Installing Kali Linux Command Line Refresher Kali Linux Services Bash Scripting in Kali Linux MODULE 3 Information Gathering Information Gathering MODULE 4 Scanning TCP vs UDP Scanning with Nmap Scanning with Nessus Scanning with Metasploit MODULE 5 Enumeration Installing Kioptrix: Level 1 SSH Enumeration HTTP Enumeration SMB Enumeration DNS Enumeration Other Enumeration MODULE 6 Netcat Introduction to Netcat MODULE 7 Buffer Overflows Introduction to Buffer Overflows Fuzzing Finding the Offset Overwriting the EIP Finding Bad Characters Finding the Right Module Generating Shellcode & Gaining Root MODULE 8 Exploitation Gaining Root with Metasploit Compiling an Exploit Modifying Shellcode Client Side Attacks Java Applet Attacks Antivirus Bypassing Pre-Exploit Password Attacks MODULE 9 WebApp Exploitation Installing XSS & MySQL FILE Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) SQL Injection (SQLi) Local File Inclusion (LFI) Remote File Inclusion (RFI) MODULE 10 File Transfers Introduction to File Transfers MODULE 11 Privilege Escalation Introduction to Privilege Escalation MODULE 12 Post Exploitation Linux Post Exploitation Windows Post Exploitation Post-Exploit Password Attacks Pivoting MODULE 13 Capstone Kioptrix Level 1.1 Walkthrough BTRSys 2.1 Walkthrough DroopyCTF Walkthrough SickOS 1.2 Walkthrough MODULE 14 Summary


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