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NAT – Network Address Translation Course


Price:$ 3.00 USD | Size: 1.27 GB | Duration : 3+ Hours | 13 Video Lessons


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Price:$ 3.00 USD | Size: 1.27 GB | Duration : 3+ Hours | 13 Video Lessons



NAT – Network Address Translation Course


Course overview

This hands-on Practical NAT course will help you to understand the basics of NAT and implement different NAT types by using the Cisco IOS/IOS-XE devices.

Network Address Translation (NAT) is one of the important topics in networking, it is a method of mapping an IP Address into another by modifying network address information in the IP header, there is also PAT (Port Address Translation) which is mapping/translating TCP/UDP port numbers from one to another.

It has been helping networks to conserve IPv4 addresses and solve the IP Address exhaustion problem to some point by enabling multiplexing ideas with Transport Layer Port numbers.

This is one of the use cases of NAT/PAT.

NAT Course Outline: Below are the labs which we will be performing in this course: • Overloading/Masquerading NAT • Port Forwarding • Static NAT with 1:1 mapping for the Hosts • Static 1:1 NAT • Dynamic NAT (Reversible) • Static 1:1 NAT (Extendable) • Dynamic NAT (1:1 Host Mapping) • Virtual Server and VIPs • VRF Aware NAT (VRF <-> Global Context with Fusing) • Static NAT (Outside to Inside) • VRF Aware CGNAT/LSN • NAT64 • NAT64 (IPv4 to IPv6)




What will i learn?


  • In this course which is an all-in-one package, we will teach you how to implement different types of NATs in multiple tasks and practical lab-based scenarios.



  • Familiarity with Basics of the routing protocols



NAT – Network Address Translation Course Introduction00:05:10 Hours

NAT – Course Introduction Preview 00:05:10

NAT Course Videos02:56:15 Hours

NAT Course – Overloading NAT Preview 00:29:14

NAT Course – Port Forwarding00:18:52

NAT Course – Static NAT with 1 to 1 Mapping for Hosts00:07:14

NAT Course – Static 1 to 1 NAT00:05:56

NAT Course – Dynamic NAT (Reversable)00:09:25

NAT Course – Static 1 to 1 NAT (Extendable)00:07:17

NAT Course – Dynamic NAT (1 to 1 Host Mapping)00:07:13

NAT Course – Virtual Server and VIP00:08:55

NAT Course – VRF Aware NAT (VRF – Global Context)00:20:39

NAT Course – Static NAT (Outside to Inside)00:13:04

NAT Course – VRF Aware CGNAT-LSN00:16:23

NAT Course – NAT6400:19:08

NAT Course – NAT64 (IPv4 to IPv6)00:12:55

NAT Course Workbook00:00:00 Hours

NAT Course Workbook.

NAT Course Practice Labs00:00:00 Hours

NAT Course Practice Labs.


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