Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking Course & PDF Guides


Price: 15.00 USD | Size: 10.3 GB |   Duration : 12.48 Hours  | 100 Video Lessons | Bonus :  Pdf Guides





Price: 15.00 USD | Size: 10.3 GB |   Duration : 12.48 Hours  | 100 Video Lessons | Bonus :  Pdf Guides


Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking Course & PDF Guides

SEC575: Mobile Device Security and
Ethical Hacking
Mobile phones and tablets have become essential to enterprise and government networks,
from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies and large-scale agencies. Often,
mobile phone deployments grow organically, adopted by multitudes of end-users for
convenient email access as well as by managers and executives who need access to sensitive
organizational resources from their favored personal mobile devices. In other cases, mobile
phones and tablets have become critical systems for a wide variety of production applications
from enterprise resource planning to project management. With increased reliance on these
devices, organizations are quickly recognizing that mobile phones and tablets need greater
security implementations than a simple screen protector and clever password.
Whether the device is an Apple iPhone or iPad, a Windows Phone, or an Android or
BlackBerry phone or tablet, the ubiquitous mobile device has become a hugely attractive and
vulnerable target for nefarious attackers. The use of mobile devices introduces a vast array of
new risks to organizations, including:
• Distributed sensitive data storage and access mechanisms
• Lack of consistent patch management and firmware updates
• The high probability of device loss or theft, and more
Mobile code and apps are also introducing new avenues for malware and data leakage,
exposing critical enterprise secrets, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information
assets to attackers. To further complicate matters, today there simply are not enough people
with the security skills needed to manage mobile phone and tablet deployments.
This course was designed to help organizations struggling with mobile device security by
equipping personnel with the skills needed to design, deploy, operate, and assess a well-
managed secure mobile environment. From practical policy development to network
architecture design and deployment, and from mobile code analysis to penetration testing
and ethical hacking, this course will help you build the critical skills necessary to support the
secure deployment and use of mobile phones and tablets in your organization.
You will gain hands-on experience in designing a secure mobile phone network for local and
remote users and learn how to make critical decisions to support devices effectively and
securely. You will also be able to analyze and evaluate mobile software threats, and learn
how attackers exploit mobile phone weaknesses so you can test the security of your own
deployment. With these skills, you will be a
valued mobile device security analyst,
fully able to guide your organization
through the challenges of securely
deploying mobile devices.



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