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MikroTik Routing All-in-1 Video Bootcamp




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Price: 5.00 USD | Size: 5.83 GB | Duration : 4+ Hours | 25 Lessons | ?????????? 4.8 BRAND : Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | Free PDF Guides |INSTANT DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS COURSE? After a successful payment, you can instantly download a PDF file that contains course download links. By clicking on those links, you can download the course immediately. MikroTik Routing All-in-1 Video Bootcamp What you’ll learn Understand why we need routing in our network Understand how and where to apply static route and default static route Understand the difference between IGP vs EGP routing Understand the difference between Distance vector vs Link state routing protocols Understand how to configure static floating route for link failover Understand how to configure ECMP on Mikrotik routers for Load-Balancing How routers with OSPF routing can form neighborship How the DR and BDR are being elected, and what are their tasks in OSPF How to configure OSPF on a single and multi-areas How to change the election of DR and BDR in an area How to configure authentication on OSPF What are the different routers types in OSPF (Internal router, ABR & ASBR) How to do the summarization of networks on the ABR How to redistribute static routes, connected routes and RIP on OSPF How to connect all OSPF routers to the internet by redistributing the default route to the internet What are the different types of LSA’s What are the different types of stub areas Requirements You should be familiar with TCP/IP Protocol You should have basic networking knowledge You should have beginner knoweldge level in Mikrotik Description 1. Course 1 – OSPF on MikroTik with LABS 2. Course 2 – Learn MikroTik ROUTE with Hands-on LABS from scratch 3. Bonus – Get my other courses with a discounted price Many students who want to learn Routing on MikroTik they also want to learn OSPF. For this reason, I have combined those 2 courses into a single one so you can can profit from a lower price and you can gain routing knowledge on MikroTik in just 1 course. In this course, you will have many LABS in which you can repeat them later at home to master the topics learned from this course. Topics covered are based on Routing in MikroTik such as: Static Route, Default Route, ECMP, Static Floating Route and all details topics of OSPF. All those topics are explained in a very simple way and then each topic has a practical Lab. So, if you want to become a MikroTik Routing guru, by purchasing this course you will have knowledge of all Internal Routing protocols that you need to know in MikroTik. You will have lifetime access to this course, so you can watch it as much as needed. I hope that you will enjoy my course.


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