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Microsoft Power BI Certification DA-100 PL-300 Exam Prep Course & PDF Guides


Price: $ 5.00 USD | Size: 2.24 GB | Duration : 8.13 Hours | 122 Video Lessons| Bonus : Microsoft Power BI PDF Guides




Price: $ 5.00 USD | Size: 2.24 GB | Duration : 8.13 Hours | 122 Video Lessons| Bonus : Microsoft Power BI PDF Guides



Microsoft Power BI Certification DA-100 PL-300 Exam Prep Course

Complete guide to passing the DA-100 | PL-300 Power BI Exam and becoming a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate



What you’ll learn


  • Develop the exact skills you need to ace the DA-100 Power BI certification exam
  • Extract, profile, clean, transform, and load data from different sources
  • Build and optimize data models and DAX measures
  • Publish reports and dashboards to Power BI Service
  • Create and manage datasets & workspaces to deploy across your organization
  • Learn from a best-selling instructor and Microsoft Certified Data Analyst




  • Power BI Desktop for PC/Windows (currently unavailable for Mac)
  • A work or school email address is required to sign up for a Power BI Service account (no gmail, aol, hotmail, etc.)
  • For new users, we recommend completing our Power BI Desktop and Service courses first


This course is designed to help you build the exact skills you need to ace the Microsoft DA-100 exam, guaranteed.

Note: This course is current through the November 23, 2021 update but the DA-100 exam is being retired on March 31, 2022 and is being replaced by the PL-300. The PL-300 is effectively the same exam, just rebranded, and covers the same topics and skill areas. The PL-300 will be officially available on February 28, 2022.

With hands-on projectsdownloadable study guides, and a full-length practice exam, this is the ONLY course you’ll need to prepare for your Power BI certification!

Throughout the course, you’ll play the role of Lead BI Analyst for Maven Cycles, a boutique cycling shop. You’ll use Power BI Desktop and Service, along with the skills you learn throughout the course, to design and build an end-to-end business intelligence solution from the ground up. We’ll guide you each step of the way, with crystal clear explanations and pro tips to help you build expert-level Power BI and DAX skills.

Our project will incorporate all of the skills covered on the DA-100 | PL-300 Exam, including data prep, modeling, visualization, and analysis, along with deploying and maintaining reports and deliverables:


  • Data Prep: Getting Data From Different Sources
    • Connect to data sources, choose a storage mode & define data source parameters
  • Data Prep: Profiling
    • Explore the view menu & data profiling tools like column quality and distribution
  • Data Prep: Cleaning, Transforming & Loading
    • Clean data, apply table transformations, merge & append queries, and modify custom M code
  • Data Modeling 101
    • Design data models, identify keys, establish table relationships, and review model optimization tips
  • Data Modeling: DAX Calculations
    • Create calculated columns & measures with DAX, including aggregation, table, and time intelligence functions
  • Data Visualization: Creating Reports & Dashboards
    • Insert & format visuals, edit report interactions, add filters & tooltips, and create reports and dashboards
  • Data Analysis: Enhancing Reports
    • Review chart analytics options, natural language queries, filtering options, and AI visuals
  • Deploying & Maintaining Deliverables
    • Implement scheduled & incremental refresh, configure row level security, explore sharing options, and more

We’ll also walk through everything you need to know about the DA-100 | PL-300 certification process itself, including:


  • Exam structure & details
  • Question Types & examples
  • Measured skills
  • Exam rules & results
  • Tips for success

Finally, we’ll wrap things up with a full-length practice exam, with knowledge-based and case study questions designed to mirror the actual exam experience and make sure you’re ready for the real deal.



Who this course is for:


  • Power BI users looking to sharpen and certify their skills
  • Aspiring analysts or business intelligence professionals seeking to add industry-recognized credentials to the resume
  • Anyone looking for a hands-on, comprehensive guide to clearing the Microsoft DA-100 Exam
  • Students who want a comprehensive, engaging, and highly interactive approach to training


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