Master Course on TestNG Beginner to Advanced 2023



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Price: 10.00 USD | Size: 8.33 GB | Duration : 17.34+ Hours | BRAND: Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | INSTANT DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS COURSE? After a successful payment, you can instantly download a PDF file that contains course download links. By clicking on those links, you can download the course immediately. Master Course on TestNG Beginner to Advanced 2023 Content 01->Introduction What is TestNG? 02->Installing TestNG and using in Projects 03->Autogenerating TestNG Classes with a Test Method in Eclipse IDE 04->Using TestNG Testing Framework with Selenium Automation 05->Using TestNG Testing Framework with Rest Assured Framework to Automate API Test 06->Using priority attribute 07->Using testng xml file for batch execution 08->Assertions in TestNG 09->Hard Assertions versus Soft Assertions 10->TestNG Annotations 11->Parameters in TestNG 12->Optional Parameters in TestNG 13->Enable Disable Test Cases using enabled attribute in testng xml file 14->Enable Disable Test Methods using enabled attribute and Ignore annotation 15->Enable Disable Test Methods at Class level using Ignore annotation 16->Enable Disable Test Methods at Package level using Ignore annotation 17->Grouping Tests in TestNG using multiple testng xml files


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