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Managing Microsoft Teams (MS?700) Course & PDF Guides


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Price: 12.00 USD | Size: 10.10 GB | 



Managing Microsoft Teams (MS‑700)  Course & PDF Guides


01. Overview

03. Planning network deployments using Network Planner

04. Network readiness using Network Testing Companion

05. Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool

06. Configure media optimizations by using QoS

07. Manage creating Office 365 Groups (PowerShell)

08. Policies for Teams – in O365

09. Policies for Teams – in Windows

10. Policies for Teams – in Teams

11. Manage a team – Overview

12. Create a team

13. Upgrade an existing resource to a team

14. Manage settings and permissions for a team

15. Manage org-wide teams

16. Archive, restore, and delete a team

17. Manage membership in a team – Overview

18. Manage users in a team

19. Configure dynamic membership

2. Get started with Microsoft Teams – Overview

20. Manage access review for team members

21. Configure and manage guest access – Overview

22. Authorize guest access in Teams – Azure AD

23. Authorize guest access in Teams – O365 Groups

24. Authorize guest access in Teams, SharePoint

25. How a Guest Joins a Team

26. User PowerShell to Control Guest Access

27. Manage Azure AD Access Reviews for Guests

28. Manage chat and collaboration experiences

29. Configure messaging policies

30. Manage External Access

31. Manage Private Channels

32. Manage Meeting Experiences – Overview

33. Configure Meeting Settings

34. Create and Manage Meeting Policies

35. Configure Settings for Live Events

36. Create and Manage Policies for Live Events

37. Setup Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams

38. Teams Cloud Meeting Recording

39. Implement Policies for MS Teams Apps – Overview

40. Create and Manage App Permission Policies Policies

41. Create and Manage App Setup Policies

42. Manage Security and Compliance – Overview

43. Assign Microsoft Teams Admin Roles

44. Create Manage Compliance Retention Policies

45. Create Manage Compliance Features DLP Policies

46. Define Information Barrier Policy – Prerequisites

47. Define Information Barrier Policy – Get It Done

48. Search the Audit Log for Events

49. Place a Microsoft Teams User, Team on Legal Hold

50. Spotlight on Monitoring Analyzing Service Usage

51. Spotlight on Creating Security Compliance Alerts

52. Spotlight on Interpreting Security Reports

53. Appropriate Upgrade, Co-existence Mode Scenario

54. Plan and Troubleshoot Meeting Migration

55. Configure Teams Upgrade

56. Create Team Templates

57. Deploy Microsoft Teams Clients to Devices

58. Configuration Profiles, Device Settings

59. Configure Microsoft Teams Rooms

60. Ordering and Managing Numbers

61. Assign, Change, Remove Phone Number for User

62. Manage Voice Settings for Users

63. Configure Dynamic Emergency Calling

64. Manage Resource Accounts

65. Create and Configure Call Queues

66. Use Power BI to Identify Call Quality Issues

67. Manage Call Park Policies

68. Manage Calling Policies

69. Manage Caller ID Policies

70. Interpret the Direct Routing Health Dashboard

71. PSTN Connectivity Solutions, Business Requirements

72. Add, Change, Remove Emergency Address

73. Create and Configure Auto Attendants

74. Use Teams Advisor to Roll Out Microsoft Teams

75. Configure Messaging and Calling Options for Guests

76. Manage Microsoft Teams Device Tags

77. Configure and manage locations

78. Create and manage compliance features

79. Manage email integration

80. Configure conference bridge settings

81. Create and manage policy packages in Teams

82. Manage Org-wide app settings

83. Manage apps store customization

84. Manage notifications & alerts – admin center

85. Network Settings – Labels & Lockbox

86. Conditional Access & MFA for Teams

87. Lifecycle Management – Update Policies & Bulk Operations

88. Configure Remote Sign-in for New Devices

89. Manage Teams – Privacy Levels & Teams Lists

90. Manage Cloud File Storage Options

91. Adding Extensions to a Team

92. Calling Plans vs Direct Routing

93. Troubleshoot Audio Video & Client Issues


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