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How To Perform An Information Security Audit




Price: 6.00 USD | Size: 5.64 GB | Duration : 7.13+ Hours | BRAND: Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | INSTANT DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS COURSE? You can Instant Download a PDF file After successful payment, This PDF File Contains Course Download links. You can Download This Course immediately from that Links. How To Perform An Information Security Audit Content 01_Information Security 02_Data Integrity Confidentiality and Data Availability 03_IT General Controls 04_Segregation of IT Duties 05_Question on Segregation of IT Duties 06_Threats and Controls to Physical Security 07_Question on Threats and Controls to Physical Security 08_Question on Threats and Controls to Physical Security 09_Identity Access Management 10_Access and Authorization Controls Risks 11_Identity Access Management Activities 12_Authentication 13_IT Departmentalization 14_Question on IT Departmentalization 1 15_Question on IT Departmentalization 2 16_Types of Information Security Controls 17_Encryption 18_Firewalls 19_Data Privacy and Protection 20_Data Protection Framework 21_Question on Data Protection Framework 22_Smart Devices and Their Risks 23_Question on Smart Devices and Their Risks 24_Question on Data Protection Framework 25_AssetThreatVulnerability Triangle 26_Cybersecurity Risks 27_Cybersecurity Threats 28_Question on Cybersecurity Threats 1 29_Question on Cybersecurity Threats 2 30_Question on Cybersecurity Threats 3 31_Question on Cybersecurity Threats 4 32_IT Management and Governance Controls Against Cybersecurity Threats 33_Application and Access Controls 34_Technical IT Infrastructure Controls 35_External Connections Controls 36_Verifying 3rd Party Information Security 37_Illicit Software Use 38_Insider Threat 39_Question on Insider Threat 40_Question on Data Privacy and Protection 41_Cybersecurity Governance and Policies 42_Information Security Framework 43_The Three Lines of Defense Model in Cybersecurity 44_Question on Cybersecurity Governance and Policies 45_Engagement Planning 46_Engagement Scope 47_Engagement Objectives 48_Questions on Engagement Objectives 49_Coverage of Significant Risks 50_Questions on Coverage of Significant Risks 51_Engagement Work Programs 52_Questions on Engagement Work Programs 53_Workflow of an Engagement


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