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GCPN Cloud Penetration Testing GIAC Certification Course


$12.00  Size: 17.7 GB   ENGLISH | INSTANT DOWNLOAD



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  GCPN Cloud Penetration Testing GIAC Certification Course

$12.00  Size: 17.7 GB   ENGLISH | INSTANT DOWNLOAD


1. Discovery Recon and Architecture at Scale

1. Course Introduction and Attacking the Cloud

10. Using Tools to Quickly Assess Environments

11. Asset Discovery Services and Applications

2. Cloud Assessment Methodology

3. Infrastructure Cloud Components

4. Terms of Service and Demarcation Points

5. Recon at Cloud Scale

6. Domain and Host Discovery Tools

7. Scaled Host and Port Discovery

8. Finding Secrets and Keys within Repositories

9. Exposed Databases and Configuration Flaws


2. Mapping Authentication and Cloud Services

1. Mapping Process

10. Introduction to PACU

2. Postman


4. URLs and URIs

5. Mapping Subdomains and Routes


7. AWS IAM Privilege Escalations


9. AWS Lambda


3. Azure and Windows Services in the Cloud

1. Microsoft Cloud Services

10. Mimikatz

11. Microsoft Graph

12. Conclusion

2. Microsoft Identity Services

3. Web Authentications

4. Golden SAML Attacks

5. Azure Files and Services

6. Azure Compute

7. Azure Functions

8. Code Execution on Azure

9. Windows Containers



4. Vulnerabilities in Cloud Native Applicatons

1. Introduction to Cloud Native Applicatons

10. Containers and Microservices

11. Kubernetes and Service Meshes

2. Cloud Native Applications

3. Deployment Pipelines and Attacks

4. Ngrok and Connecting to External Sources

5. Web Application Injections

6. ServerSide Request Forgeries

7. Command Line Injections in Applications

8. Serverless Function Attacks with Lambda

9. SQL Injection in a Hosted Environment


5. Exploitation and Red Team in the Cloud

1. Red Team Exploitation

10. Redirections with OS Tools

11. Class Conclusions

2. Payloads and Payload Selections

3. Red Team Ops in the Cloud

4. Backdooring Containers

5. Data Pivots and Moving Data

6. Username Harvesting

7. Password Attacks

8. Password Attack Types and Methodology

9. Obfuscating Architectures


6. Capstone Event

1. Capstone Event


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