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Cyber Security Case Studies Stuxnet Wannacry and Pegasus


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Price: 4.00 USD | Size: 690 MB | Duration : 2.00+  Hours



Cyber Security Case Studies Stuxnet Wannacry and Pegasus

What you’ll learn

Case studies detailing motivation, attacker, end-to-end architecture and consequences of the attack

Stuxnet Worm

WannaCry Ransomware

Pegasus Spyware


Basic understanding of computer technologies

Basic understanding of security concepts like encryption

Curiosity about cyber security


Dive into the intriguing realm of cyber security with our comprehensive course on three notorious case studies: Stuxnet, WannaCry, and Pegasus. This course is designed to provide a captivating exploration of these major cyber-attacks, offering insights into their technical intricacies, real-world implications, and the broader lessons they teach us about digital security.What You’ll Learn:Stuxnet Unveiled: Uncover the fascinating story of Stuxnet, a highly sophisticated worm that targeted industrial systems and disrupted nuclear facilities. Explore its complex architecture, understand its potential impact on the physical world, and grasp the significance of targeted cyber-attacks.WannaCry Unleashed: Delve into the world of ransomware with the WannaCry case study. Gain insights into how this global attack exploited vulnerabilities, encrypted data, and demanded ransom payments. Learn about cyber hygiene, the importance of timely software updates, and the crucial role of proactive security measures.Pegasus Surveillance: Explore the realm of high-tech spyware through the lens of Pegasus. Understand the delivery methods, architecture, and surveillance capabilities of this advanced software. Examine the ethical implications of surveillance and its impact on personal privacy in the digital age.Course Highlights:✓ Engaging Case Studies: Immerse yourself in real-world stories of cyber-attacks that have made headlines and shaped the cybersecurity landscape.✓ Accessible Content: We break down complex technical concepts into easily understandable explanations, making it suitable for beginners and tech enthusiasts alike.✓ Practical Insights: Gain practical insights into cyber attack prevention, ethical considerations, and the importance of maintaining a vigilant online presence.✓ Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced instructors with a deep understanding of cyber security and real-world attack scenarios.✓ Interactive Learning: Engage with quizzes, discussions, and case study analyses to reinforce your understanding and enhance your learning experience.By the end of this course, you’ll not only be well-versed in the stories of Stuxnet, WannaCry, and Pegasus, but you’ll also have a broader understanding of the evolving cyber threat landscape and the measures necessary to protect yourself and your digital assets. Join us on this educational journey and equip yourself with essential knowledge for navigating the complex world of cyber security. Enroll today and take the first step towards safeguarding your digital presence.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Get Most Out of Course?

Section 2: Stuxnet

Lecture 3 Stuxnet: World’s First Malware Targeting Physical Infrastructure

Lecture 4 Motivation behind Stuxnet

Lecture 5 Normal Operations at the Nuclear Plant

Lecture 6 Stuxnet Attack Overview

Lecture 7 Entering the Facility by Compromising Initial Systems

Lecture 8 Finding Field PGs with Network Propagation Techniques

Lecture 9 Spreading through Infected USB Drives

Lecture 10 Compromising Step 7 Software on Windows Field PGs

Lecture 11 Altering Centrifuge Operations

Lecture 12 Stuxnet Command and Control

Lecture 13 Updating Stuxnet through RPC

Lecture 14 Detection of Stuxnet

Lecture 15 Stuxnet Spin Offs

Lecture 16 Final Thoughts on Stuxnet

Section 3: WannaCry

Lecture 17 What is a Ransomware?

Lecture 18 Evolution of Ransomware

Lecture 19 Modern Ransomware Impact

Lecture 20 Introduction to WannaCry Ransomware

Lecture 21 WannaCry Components

Lecture 22 The “Kill Switch”

Lecture 23 Starting the Windows Service

Lecture 24 Unload Resources used in the Attack

Lecture 25 Decrypting the Encrypted DLL Component

Lecture 26 Key Generation and Encryption of User Files

Lecture 27 What does WannaCry Encrypt?

Lecture 28 Additional Processes in the Attack

Lecture 29 Increasing Impact and Preventing Recovery

Lecture 30 Unveiling Command and Control Communication

Lecture 31 How much money did attacker’s collect?

Lecture 32 Why is the data not Recoverable?

Lecture 33 The Worm Component: Propagation of WannaCry

Lecture 34 Preventing WannaCry: Safeguarding Your Systems

Lecture 35 Final Thoughts on WannaCry

Section 4: Pegasus

Lecture 36 What is Spyware?

Lecture 37 Introduction to Pegasus Spyware

Lecture 38 Pegasus Device Infection

Lecture 39 Device Exploit: Trident Vulnerability

Lecture 40 Agent Installation and Persistence

Lecture 41 User Device and Surveillance

Lecture 42 Data Exfiltration to Command and Control

Lecture 43 Pegasus Abuse

Lecture 44 Final Thoughts on Pegasus

Section 5: Wrap Up!

Lecture 45 Course Summary

Beginners or technology enthusiasts interested in understanding the mechanics of major cyber attacks,Anyone curious about the evolving landscape of cyber threats and countermeasures,Students aiming to explore the ethical implications of digital surveillance,Individuals interested in enhancing their online safety and privacy

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