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Cisco IPv6 LAB Video Course


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Cisco IPv6 LAB Video Course The video walks you through basic IPv6 interface configuration on Cisco router, and introduces you to a concept of Link-Local, Site-Local and Global addresses. We will look at how an IPv6 host can obtain an IP address through stateless autoconfiguration using a Cisco router and Windows 7 computer as our test devices. We will review the IPv6 fundamental messages used in neighbour discovery from debug outputs and Wireshark packet captures. Note: Neighbor Discovery process is based on ICMPv6 and very similar to ARP in IPv4, but with additional features such as default gateway discovery Topic: IPv6 Interface Configuration (Link-Local, Site-Local, Global) Neighbor Solicitation (NS) Neighbor Advertisement (NA) Router Solicitation (RS) Router Advertisement (RA) Stateless Autoconfiguration (Router/Windows)


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