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AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Online Course & PDF Guides


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Price: 5.00 USD | Size: 8.86 GB | Duration : 17 Hours | 117 Video Lessons | ???????????? 4.8? BRAND: Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | Free AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security PDF Guides | INSTANT DOWNLOAD AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Online Course & PDF Guides About the course Welcome to this certification course on Microsoft?s AZ-500 ? Microsoft Azure Security Technologies. This course is designed to prepare you to sit for and pass your exam and to prove your skills in implementing secure solutions, services, identity, and operations within the Azure platform. Throughout the course, we?ll take a good look at the technologies you?ll need to know for the exam and help you not only understand what each service does, but also how you can apply the knowledge you gain here in your own environment. This course will cover the following domains: Manage Identity and Access Implement Platform Protection Secure Data and Applications Manage Security Operations This course is focused on securing solutions built within Azure, and so it is expected that you are already familiar with basic deployment, configuration, and implementation of several Azure services. For example, when discussing how to protect a virtual machine, we will focus on the features, services, and configuration required to do so. However, it is expected you would already know how to get a virtual machine up and running in the first case. As such, it is recommended you have either completed the Azure Administration certification, or have a similar level of experience and familiarity working with and configuring services within Azure. Within each domain are a variety of subtopics that we?ll cover in greater detail throughout the course. We?ll go through each domain, using each previous lesson as part of the foundation for the next topic, making it so that you not only can answer the questions on the exam, but also have a practical knowledge of how these pieces fit together and how you can design solutions to common problems faced in enterprises today. You?ll get experience with hands-on labs to solidify your knowledge, and you can look forward to practice questions throughout the course to ensure you?re ready to move on. So with all of that being said, it?s time to jump in and get started on becoming an Azure Security Engineer. Investigate Windows Security Events with Microsoft Sentinel Monitor Storage for Security Events with Azure Monitor Enabling Always Encrypted in Azure SQL Configure Service Principal Authentication for Azure Container Registry Configuration and Security of Azure Storage Accounts Create and Manage Azure AD Users in the Portal Create and Manage Azure AD Groups in the Portal Develop a Python App to Access Key Vault Using a Service Principal Attach a Firewall to a Virtual Network in Azure Adding and Encrypting a Storage Volume Configuring an Azure VNet-to-VNet VPN Gateway (v2) Configure Azure Front Door Service Configure Application Security Groups in Azure Create a User Delegation SAS using Azure CLI Configure Azure Private Link for Blob Storage Routing Azure Resource Logs Ensuring Compliance with Azure Policies Chapter 1 2 Lessons Introduction 7:03 Chapter 2 12 Lessons The Azure AD Identity Platform 2:54:10 Chapter 3 6 Lessons Hybrid Identity 1:14:48 Chapter 4 7 Lessons Controlling Access 1:20:45 Chapter 5 10 Lessons Securing Identities and Access 1:53:52 Chapter 6 12 Lessons Securing Virtual Networks 3:58:11 Chapter 7 16 Lessons Securing Integrated Networks and Services 5:42:39 Chapter 8 9 Lessons Securing Virtual Machines 2:36:35 Chapter 9 9 Lessons Securing Applications with Azure AD 1:48:40 Chapter 10 7 Lessons Securing Data with Key Vault 2:08:41 Chapter 11 10 Lessons Securing Application Hosting 2:22:55 Chapter 12 8 Lessons Securing Storage 3:45:51 Chapter 13 9 Lessons Securing Data 2:06:05 Chapter 14 7 Lessons Security Policies and Standards 3:04:55 Chapter 15 8 Lessons Threat Protection 1:21:25 Chapter 16 9 Lessons Monitoring Security with Azure Monitor 2:48:05 Chapter 17 7 Lessons Monitoring Security with Azure Sentinel 1:47:34 Chapter 18 3 Lessons Conclusion


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