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Price: 8.00 USD | Size: 11.9GB | Duration : 70+ Hours |377 Lessons | ?????????? 4.8? BRAND : Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | Free PDF Guides & Practice Tests |INSTANT DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS COURSE? After a successful payment, you can instantly download a PDF file that contains course download links. By clicking on those links, you can download the course immediately. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Course & PDF Guides Practice Tests DESIGNED FROM SCRATCH FOR SOA-C02 – The newest SYSOPS exam (with labs) THIS COURSE WAS DESIGNED FROM SCRATCH FOR THE CURRENT SOA-C02 EXAM VERSION – EVERYTHING IS COVERED FOR THE NEW Q’s and LABS The AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Associate is one of the most valuable and in-demand cloud certifications, part of the AWS Associate (All-3) series. It covers all of the core AWS services which relate to systems administration and operations and is perfect for DevOps engineers or sysadmins looking to skill-up in a new area..This brand new AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Course is the most in-depth, high quality and up to date course on the market for this certification. It continues the tradition of creating courses with in-depth and efficient theory lessons and rely on premium visuals and fun and complex real world like demos. SUITABLE FOR IT newcomers or anyone looking to change careers. Experienced Engineers, Consultants or DevOps Engineers IT Managers looking to understand AWS operational & administration tooling & product offerings REQUIREMENTS No previous AWS Knowledge required Laptop or Workstation to perform the demo lessons An email address and credit/debit card for the AWS account(s) The course stays mostly within the free tier to avoid costs WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE DIFFERENT PRODUCTION VALUES: The course includes best of class theory, architecture and practical demo lessons. Everything in the course is there for a reason, is produced to a high standard and aids in your learning ALWAYS CONSIDERS COST: The course starts with by helping you create and setup AWS accounts which you will use for your study. These will benefit from the free-tier giving you free access to AWS products and services up to a certain monthly level. SUITABLE FOR ANYONE: You don?t need any AWS experience; the course starts by introducing cloud computing and AWS fundamentals at a basic level – ensuring that no student is left behind. What you will need is a computer, an email address and payment card to create the AWS account and a commitment to put in the effort required to pass a challenging exam. LEARN REAL SKILLS: This course isn?t just about the exam, the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate is one of the most valuable certifications available in IT – but obtaining $100,000+ cloud positions will require experience as well as accreditation. By the end of the course, you will be prepared to pass the exam confidently while also having gained enough experience to use AWS day to day from a operational and administration perspective. SCENARIO BASED: The course is based around a real-world like organisation Animals4life.org. The theory and demo lessons are structured around scenarios which you will encounter in the real world. Whether we’re talking about serverless applications, data migration and connecting AWS to on-premises environments using a Site-to-Site VPN – the things you learn will be useful in the real world. RESPECTS YOUR TIME: I promise to respect your time. Everything in the course is either relevant to the exam, or will provide the surrounding knowledge which will help you pass with confidence; while also gaining the practical experience needed to get access to exciting job opportunities. Lessons are never more than 20 minutes and often much shorter – I prioritise efficiency, not duration. Each section includes a quiz helping you retain knowledge, and at the end of the course, we?ve designed a full practice exam which mirrors real-world conditions. TECHNICAL FOUNDATIONS AND AWS: The course covers the essential architectural concepts as they relate to AWS but also covers the core AWS products featured in the exam in some depth. Topics covered include:-


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