Advanced PowerShell Automation Course & PDF Guides


Price: $ 10.00 USD | Size: 11.2 GB | 11 Modules | Duration : 12 Hours |   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9

BRAND : Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | Bonus :  PowerShell Automation Pack of 10 PDF Guides |  INSTANT DOWNLOAD 




Price: $ 10.00 USD | Size: 11.2 GB | 11 Modules | Duration : 12 Hours |   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9

BRAND : Expert TRAINING | ENGLISH | Bonus :  PowerShell Automation Pack of 10 PDF Guides |  INSTANT DOWNLOAD 

Advanced PowerShell Automation Course & PDF Guides 


This advanced Microsoft Advanced PowerShell Automation prepares systems administrators to automate repetitive and boring administrative tasks by building your own automation tools in PowerShell.

There’s a whole level of automation above scripting. You could be writing your very own PowerShell modules that include commands, cmdlets and functions all their own, then run them like they were built-in commands.

Once you’re done with this Advanced PowerShell Automation training, you’ll know how to automate repetitive and boring administrative tasks by building your own automation tools in PowerShell.

For anyone who manages Microsoft automation training, this Microsoft training can be used to onboard new systems administrators, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Microsoft reference resource.


Advanced PowerShell Automation: What You Need to Know

This Advanced PowerShell Automation training has videos that cover topics such as:


Creating advanced functions for automation

Using cmdlets and Microsoft .NET Framework

Writing controller scripts

Making sense out of script errors and handling them

Making use of XML, JSON and custom formatted data

Who Should Take Advanced PowerShell Automation Training?

This Advanced PowerShell Automation training is considered specialist-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for systems administrators. This PowerShell skills course is designed for systems administrators with three to five years of experience with Microsoft automation.

New or aspiring systems administrators. If you’re completely new to systems administration, learning advanced Powershell automation early in your career is a sword that cuts both ways. On one hand, you’ll work faster and more efficiently thanks to knowing which advanced functions can help automate the tasks you don’t want to waste your time on.

Experienced systems administrators. The perfect time to learn advanced PowerShell automation is a few years into your systems administration career. With enough experience to recognize what tasks are unnecessarily tedious and annoyingly repetitive, you can improve not just your efficiency, but everyone’s.



Configure Custom Formatting for PowerShell Objects

1. Why is PowerShell Object Formatting Important?

2. Constructing a PowerShell Formatting File

3. Colorizing Output with PowerShell Format Data

4. Including PowerShell Format Types in Modules

5. Modifying Third-Party Module Formatting

6. Call to Action


Build Serverless Functions with PowerShell and AWS Lambda

1. Why Use PowerShell with Lambda?

2. Setting Up Your Development Environment

3. Building a Simple AWS Lambda Function with PowerShell

4. Integrating Lambda with Amazon API Gateway

5. Using Lambda Inputs from API Gateway for Control Flow

6. Scheduling Lambda Execution with Amazon CloudWatch Events

7. Cleaning Up Your AWS Account with PowerShell


Author PowerShell Modules

1. Skill Introduction

2. Understanding PowerShell Module Structure

3. Building Your First PowerShell Module

4. Understanding PowerShell Module Manifests

5. Splitting Your PowerShell Module Into Pieces

6. Publishing Your Module to the Gallery

7. Debugging Your PowerShell Module

8. Call to Action


Schedule Recurring Tasks with PowerShell

1. Introduction to Scheduled Tasks on Windows

2. Explore the PSScheduledJobs Module

3. Create Your First PowerShell Scheduled Job

4. Schedule Tasks with schtasks.exe

5. Advanced Scheduling in schtasks

6. Using the ScheduledTasks PowerShell Module

7. Windows Task Scheduling: Review and Conclusion


Send Windows Notifications with PowerShell

1. Introduction to Windows Notifications

2. Installing and Exploring the BurntToast Module

3. Creating Your First BurntToast Notification

4. Customizing Notifications with a Title, Image, and Sound

5. Enabling Snoozing and Adding Custom Buttons on Notifications

6. Adding Context Menus to Notifications

7. Building Progress Bars with Windows Notifications

8. Review and Call to Action


Monitor Windows Performance Counters and Event Logs with PowerShell

1. Introduction to Windows Monitoring

2. Overview of Monitoring Tools in Windows

3. Writing to Windows Event Logs with PowerShell

4. Responding to Events using Windows Task Scheduler

5. Listening for Windows Events using PowerShell

6. Using Windows Event Log Arguments in PowerShell Event Handlers

7. Finding Performance Counters with PowerShell

8. Retrieving Performance Data with PowerShell

9. Integrating PowerShell with InfluxDB REST API

10. Review and Conclusion


Configure Visual Studio Code for PowerShell Development

1. Why Use Visual Studio Code?

2. Install Visual Studio Code and PowerShell Extension

3. Explore the VSCode PowerShell Extension Features

4. Configure PowerShell Extension

5. Pester PowerShell Tests in VSCode

6. Static Code Analysis with PSScriptAnalyzer

7. Git Integration with VSCode

8. Interactive PowerShell Debugging in VSCode

9. Remote Containers with PowerShell

10. Gathering Logs and Sending Feedback


Create Terminal UIs with PowerShell

1. Introduction to PowerShell Terminal User Interfaces (TUIs)

2. Exploring a PowerShell TUI: Out-ConsoleGridView

3. Examining the PowerShell Host Interface

4. Colored Text Output in PowerShell with ANSI Escape Codes

5. Adding Emojis to PowerShell Scripts

6. Drawing Unicode Box Characters in PowerShell

7. Helper Functions for Drawing Boxes

8. Implementing Keyboard Controls in PowerShell Terminal UIs

9. Implementing a Robust Event Loop for PowerShell TUIs

10. Playing Sound with PowerShell

11. Putting it All Together into an Application

12. Review and Call to Action: PowerShell Terminal UIs


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