AD CS Attacks for Red and Blue Teams Course & LAB

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Price: 15.00 USD | Size: 7.11 GB |   Duration : 15.22 Hours  | 80 Video Lessons 




Price: 15.00 USD | Size: 7.11 GB |   Duration : 15.22 Hours  | 80 Video Lessons 



AD CS Attacks for Red and Blue Teams Lab Objective

Identity plays a crucial role in security of an enterprise environment. Certainly, Identity is the new security perimeter. In an enterprise environment, Identity is usually managed by Active Directory or by Azure AD in case of a Hybrid Identity. An often-overlooked part of enterprise infrastructure is Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS). AD CS is a Windows Server Role that implements Public Key Infrastructure and can be used for user authentication, machine authentication, document signing, email signing, file encryption and so much more. This makes AD CS a crucial part of Identity Management.

Unfortunately, not many professionals understand AD CS. This, of course, makes it harder to secure it against even the simplest attacks that may result in compromise of the entire enterprise environment.
We have years of experience of teaching classes at world’s leading organizations and hacker conferences and Red Team operations against some of the better enterprise environments. Drawing from that experience, we have created this course and lab that helps you in getting started with Attacking and Defending AD CS.

The AD CS Attacks for Red and Blue Teams lab provides course videos, learning aids and a meticulously created lab environment that helps you in understanding AD CS security in-depth. The lab is beginner friendly and you don’t need any prior experience with AD CS. We cover a lot of interesting topics like CA enumeration, Local Privilege Escalation, Persistence by abusing Certificates, Domain Privilege Escalation by – abusing CA, Certificate Templates, Abusing Certificates – Client Auth, EFS, Code Signing, SSH etc., Domain persistence after compromising CA, Network Pivoting by abusing VPN Certificates, Abusing certificates on Linux machines, Lateral movement to Azure and a lot more!

What’s Included

  • Access to a lab environment (One/Two/Three months) with updated Server 2022 and Linux machines. Lab can be accessed using a web browser or VPN.

  • 11+ hours of video course

  • Slides, Lab Manual, Walk-through videos and Diagrams as learning aid.

  • Lab manual for solving the labs. The student VM contains both Windows and Linux tools (using WSL).

  • One attempt to Certified Enterprise Security Professional – AD CS (CESP – ADCS) exam.

What will you Learn?

  • Performing Red Team operation or Penetration Test against a modern AD CS environment.

  • AD CS is not the only CA in the lab. Learn and practice attacks against other Certificate Services too!

  • Pivot to Azure by abusing Azure Certificate-based authentication.

  • Abuse VPN certificates to pivot to protected networks .

  • Abuse Trusted CAs across the AD forests.

  • Learn to execute attacks from both Windows and Linux.

  Prerequisites for the lab

  • Basic understanding of attacking Active Directory (like CRTP)

  • Ability to use command line tools.



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