6 Figures Blockchain Developer Online Course





6 Figures Blockchain Developer Online Course

Course Curriculum


StartSupport & Resources

Blockchain & Ethereum

Start1. Introduction (0:20)

Start2. Blockchain (5:48)

Start3. Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin (2:43)

Start4. Ethereum (2:29)

Start5. Cryptographic hashes (2:02)

Start6. Ethereum addresses (1:55)

Start7. Wallets (3:18)

Start8. Transactions (2:47)

Start9. Smart contracts (3:42)

Start10. Gas (2:43)

Start11. Ethereum accounts: EOA vs contracts

Start12. Ethereum networks: Local, public testnets & mainnet

Decentralized Applications

Start1. Introduction (0:35)

Start2. What is a decentralized application? Real-Life Dapp Demo (2:46)

Start3. DeFi and popular Decentralized Application on Ethereum (2:33)

Start4. Architecture of decentralized application (2:35)

Start5. Development process of a Decentralized Application (2:18)

Blockchain development tools

Start1. Introduction (0:45)

Start2. Remix (2:53)

Start3. NodeJS & npm

Start4. Ganache

Start5. Truffle

Start6. Metamask

Start7. Infura

Start8. Etherscan

Smart contracts & Solidity Development

Start1. Introduction (1:56)

Start2. Compilation

Start3. Structure of a smart contract (2:19)

Start4. Variable types (8:39)

Start5. Built-in variables (1:30)

Start6. Constructor (1:28)

Start7. Declaring functions (3:48)

Start8. Function visibility (3:17)

Start9. Variable visibility (4:11)

Start10. Deploying & interacting with a smart contract in Remix (5:23)

Start11. Control structures: if, while, etc… (7:40)

Start12. Arrays (14:02)

Start13. Mappings (12:17)

Start14. Structs (8:28)

Start15. Events (6:29)

Start16. Interacting between smart contracts (11:24)

Start17. Transferring Ether (6:21)

Start18. Dealing with errors (require, throw…) (9:42)

Start19. Custom function modifiers (5:17)

Start20. Inheritance (3:14)

Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Code the Solidity smart contract

Start1. Introduction (1:04)

Start2. Add approvers (3:02)

Start3. Get list of approvers (1:13)

Start4. Create transfers (3:03)

Start5. Get list of transfers (1:46)

Start6. Approve transfers (4:10)

Start7. Receive Ether (1:26)

Start8. Access control (2:33)

Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Testing the smart contract with Truffle

Start1. Introduction (1:55)

Start2. Create the Truffle project (3:20)

Start3. Deploy the smart contract in our test (4:29)

Start4. Your first Solidity test (6:39)

Start5. Test createTransfer() (1/2, happy path) (5:47)

Start6. Test createTransfer() (2/2, unhappy path) (4:47)

Start7. Test approveTransfer() (1/3, happy path) (4:05)

Start8. Test approveTransfer() (2/3, happy path) (3:48)

Start9. Test approveTransfer() (3/3, unhappy path) (4:43)

Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Code the frontend (Full Dapp) with JS, React & Web3

Start1. Introduction (1:11)

Start2. Let’s break down the development process for Dapp frontends (1:20)

Start3. Add a migration file (5:53)

Start4. Deploy smart contract to Blockchain with Truffle (3:15)

Start5. Understanding contract artifacts & ABIs (3:09)

Start6. Setup the React frontend in our Truffle project (5:23)

Start7. Start the frontend server and see the Dapp in your browser (1:44)

Start8. Connect the frontend to the smart contract with Web3 (5:13)

Start9. Integrate Web3 to our React application (4:41)

Start10. Read smart contract data from the frontend with Web3 (4:17)

Start11. Modify smart contract data from the frontend (send transaction) with Web3 (6:46)

Start12. Show a list of transfers (4:04)

Start13. Approve transfers (2:27)

Start14. Integrate Web3 to Metamask (4:44)

Start15. Use Ganache addresses in Metamask (2:03)

Start16. Try out the Dapp in your browser! (3:23)

Start17. Challenge

Start18. Update to Solidity 0.8

Start19. Update to Metamask

Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Deployment to public testnet and mainnet

Start1. Introduction (1:03)

Start2. Creating Ethereum addresses (1:27)

Start3. Getting some fake Ether with a Faucet (1:28)

Start4. Create a project in Infura (1:11)

Start5. Configure Truffle to use Infura with hdwallet-provider (2:42)

Start6. Safe management of private keys in truffle-config (2:58)

Start7. Deploy smart contract to Kovan (2:00)

Start8. Deploying the frontend via Netlify and connect it to smart contract (3:49)

Start9. Deploying the Dapp to mainnet

Capstone project “Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens” – Smart contract

Start1. Introduction (1:07)

Start2. How a decentralized exchange work

Start3. ERC20 tokens (8:22)

Start4. Create token registry (4:01)

Start5. Create wallet (6:57)

Start6. Integration with the Dai stablecoin (3:49)

Start7. ERC20 token mocks (1:46)

Start8. Create limit orders (12:52)

Start9. Create market orders (17:12)

Start10. Prevent integer overflow bug (8:13)

Start11. List orders

Start12. List tokens

Start13. Faucet for ERC20 tokens & Dai

Capstone project “Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens” – Tests

Start1. Introduction (0:55)

Start2. Setup the Truffle project (2:28)

Start3. Deploy mock ERC20 tokens (2:29)

Start4. Deploy The Dex smart contract (3:09)

Start5. Allocate initial token balances (3:17)

Start6. Test deposit() (4:59)

Start7. Test withdraw() (3:58)

Start8. Test createLimitOrder() (1/3 – Happy path) (5:31)

Start9. Test createLimitOrder() (2/3 – Happy path) (3:19)

Start10. Test createLimitOrder() (3/3 – Unhappy path) (4:44)

Start11. Test createMarketOrder() (1/2 – Happy path) (5:13)

Start12. Test createMarketOrder() (2/2 – Unhappy path) (5:19)

Capstone project “Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens” – Frontend

Start1. Introduction (0:41)

Start2. Setup the Truffle project (2:29)

Start3. Create the migration file (4:00)

Start4. Seed token balances (3:44)

Start5. Seed orders (3:55)

Start6. Connect frontend to smart contracts with Web3 (7:58)

Preview7. Loading component (4:54)

Start8. Dropdown component (6:01)

Start9. Header component (4:11)

Start10. Integrate Header into App component (5:32)

Start11. Wallet component (6:17)

Start12. Integrate Wallet into App component (7:49)

Start13. New order component (6:05)

Start14. Integrate New Order into App (3:51)

Start15. All orders component (3:41)

Start16. Integrate All orders into App (6:50)

Start17. My orders component (2:02)

Start18. Integrate My orders into App (2:12)

Preview19. All trades component – table (1:59)

Start20. All trades component – chart (2:38)

Start21. Integrate All trades into App (9:51)

Start22. Try it out in your browser! (3:08)

Start23. Update to Solidity 0.8

Start24. Update to Metamask

Finding your first Blockchain job: Aim, Load, Fire

Start1. Introduction (0:33)

Start2. The 3 steps to find your first Blockchain job (Aim, Load, Fire) (0:59)

Start3. Aim: Position yourself on the job market (4:55)

Start4. Load: Build a ROCKSTAR Blockchain CV (3:23)

Start5. Load: Create a job magnet LinkedIn profile (8:15)

Start6. Load: Showcase your portfolio of Blockchain projects on Github (coming soon)

Start7. Fire: The best places to find (well-paid) Blockchain jobs (3:28)

Start8. Fire: Prepare for the technical interview – Easy questions (15:50)

Start9. Fire: Prepare for the technical interview – Intermediate questions (17:19)

Start10. Fire: Prepare for the technical interview – Difficult questions (8:14)


StartBonus 1: Useful Solidity snippets

StartBonus 2: Directory of top Blockchain companies

StartBonus 3: Access to private Discord group for 24/7 support


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